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Converse originated as a rubber shoe producing company founded by Marquis M. Converse in 1908. Initially, it produced winter footwear for women, men and children. After some time, the collections of the brand were expanded with a line of sports footwear including shoes for tennis, basketball shoes and some other fantastic models inspired by the best traditions of sports footwear fashion. From a small shoe producing company, Converse turned into a prosperous and world-wide known brand that is now the heart of American sports footwear industry. It was achieved due to the use of innovative technologies and proper leadership of the company. Today, Converse brand is popular among football, basketball and baseball players all over the world. It has long gained popularity not only with professional sportsmen, but also with common people all over the globe. Young people enjoy wearing the shoes produced by a leading sports footwear company that continues to please its customers with new models of footwear for going in for sports and wearing on a daily basis.

                  Converse has created three prominent collections of sports footwear for different purposes. These are Sports Lifestyle, Sports Performance and Sports Classics. The first collection brings an original twist and individuality to everyone who wears the Converse shoes. This collection consists of casual footwear. The brand’s designers took inspiration in the athletic shoes for tennis and managed to create a unique variety of sports footwear for everyday. The Sports Performance collection has been inspired by the love for basketball and contains some of the most popular and world-favorite basketball shoes. As for the Sports Classics collection, it represents a combination of original and creative ideas with innovative materials, prints, colors and exquisite details that allow the fans of the brand to enjoy wearing refined models of footwear by Converse.

                  Converse has almost a 100-year history. Such a wide experience in producing footwear for sports and everyday wear explains the huge popularity of the brand. It is all due to the innovative technologies used by Converse that creates more than just footwear. The rich history of Converse can be explained by the love and passion for sports that is the best source of inspiration for the brand’s designers. The collections of the brand include not only men’s and women’s footwear, but also a fantastic range of sports shoes for children. The All Star footwear has long become classics. It is a synonym of high quality, durability and fabulous design. Every child dreams of wearing such footwear day after day. The design of All Star footwear ensures maximum comfort of the children’s feet. But this is not the only model of footwear available in the kids’ collection of the brand. In fact, the collection practically has everything that a child might need in their everyday activities. All footwear produced by the brand is characterized by exceptional quality owing the use of the finest materials in the production process.

                  The kids’ footwear collection of Converse has something for everyone. It bristles with colorful and bright designs for every child to be not like anyone else. Converse footwear helps every child to express their own individuality and at the same time feel comfortable and look stylish day after day. Converse shoes are just what you need if you want to make your child’s dreams come true. Every little fashionista enjoys wearing Converse footwear that has long become classics. The kids’ collection of the brand allows choosing the favorite style and the most fashionable design of footwear for your child to look great at any occasion. Converse is a number-one choice for everyone who values fashion, design and high quality.

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